7 Simple Habits Common To Most Self-Made People

And how to implement these in your life to find success.

Nishant Modi
9 min readJan 23, 2022


Mindset of self-made people.

I used to procrastinate and not just that I was proud of it as it helped me justify my shortcomings but deep down I was longing for a change. I would dream of a day when I’ll start getting up early in the morning, work out do what I love, and have great relationships and social circles.

I watched countless youtube videos and read many articles to get some discipline in my life but nothing worked until I distilled the most common habits and started applying them in my life.

These habits have helped me become a successful full-time entrepreneur and provided me the discipline and energy to create things people want. You can check out two of my companies GreetsApp and Namaste Revolution.

In this article, I discuss the 7 most common habits among the ones who have made them and share tips on how to start applying them in our lives.

1. Have goals with deadlines

Throughout my life, I have had several goals but I never gave them deadlines. What I realized was that there are three kinds of people,

  1. People without goals — these are the lost ones, they are just hoping for good things to happen.
  2. People with goals — I was one of these, just a dreamer with no or arbitrary timelines.
  3. People with goals+deadlines — I call them the doers, they are not waiting but executing all the time.

All of the self-made people i.e. roughly 3% of the people fall under the 3rd category, they are the ones inventing, creating, and innovating. If you fall under the 2nd category, you are still in the top 10% and also get admiration from others but you seldom achieve your goals. Unfortunately, 90% of people fall under the 1st category, they are generally unsatisfied with their jobs and lives.

“It’s easy to dream about it… Much harder to execute it… Work!” — Gary Vaynerchuk

Goals give us purpose, it takes away the pain of doing hard work. It would be a mistake to think that successful people, whether they are entrepreneurs, athletes or celebrities have it easy as they enjoy what they do.



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