Nishant Modi
3 min readMay 28, 2021


Hi, I’m Nishant

Living the dream in Switzerland

I became an entrepreneur in 2020 after 14 long years working in the corporate world. I started as a developer and then did management consulting for several years before jumping off the cliff.

Yep, that’s how it feels as an entrepreneur at one end it feels like flying and the other end it is like falling to death. But it’s ok.

I have challenged myself to become a billionaire in 60 months and I am not going to back down. Can I do it? Well, join my journey to find out.

Why I started writing?

I never thought I could write until mid 2020 but entrepreneurship forced me to and hey I liked it. So, I made my mission to share whatever I learn and have learnt in the past. Writing helps me to share and improve on my ideas.

My entrepreneurship profile —

My main project is GreetsApp, a fun social way to be grateful towards others. One of the offshoot of the same idea is Giveasy, find or exchange gifts with your loved ones.

I don’t want to lose my past experiences so I also advise other companies in the space of health, supply chain, technology and blockchain.

If you have time, some more about me —

I grew up in a small sleepy town in Northern India in humble settings. With electricity blackouts for almost 12 hours a day, it was easy to let your mind wander, be curious, be experimental and inventive. Even our analogue radio was a great source of R&D. In India we have a very inspiring word called “Jugaad”, it translates to something like “using bits and bobs around you to invent things that make life a little bit easier”.

The best partner of innovation is technology. Our first curriculum in 3rd grade was to learn programming in BASIC. By 8th grade I learnt Databases and C/C++ by end of high school. Having studied in a boarding school meant I learned the art of negotiation rather well. It also meant learning to stand your ground and share and work together.

Having a father for a business man I suppose, also inclined me to constantly think about new means to grow and diversify our small business. Watching him and helping him manage his business taught me how to solve problems and manage constant chaos and ambiguity and to be resilient in executing with limited resources or to pick yourself up after failures.

As I got to my early 20s, after finishing bachelors I took up a corporate job, somewhere always with the ambition to become an entrepreneur. I started as a developer and used different platforms to create smart solutions for multiple industries. But the inventive problem-solving-curious mind wanted to get closer to the problems we all face than sit behind a desk and write code.

I moved to the US in 2009 and soon after forayed into management consulting. That was enriching in so many ways, because I could touch different industries and businesses across the globe with like-minded individuals. It gave me the opportunity to solve real world problems by bringing in the new tech.

A combination of all these wholesome life experiences across I’ve had over the years has only fueled my hunger to continue solving problems, create more jobs and create better lives in our rather fragile world.



Nishant Modi

I help startup founders build their audience on Instagram. Founder of Instagrumpy & GreetsApp.